his golden year

Monday, January 25, 2016




m and i are hardly ever in town (hometown- Houston), so when i first realized that this year we would be home for his 30th birthday, i immediately knew i needed to throw some sort of party. i was so, so happy with how everything turned out and in how little time we got so much done. i couldn't have prepared it without the help of my amazing friends. we are so thankful for being home and being able to spend it here with people we love so much. 
the majority of my decor came from Meri Meri including these gorgeous jumbo sized pinwheels. i mixed them up with some black and white ones i found at party city and the patterned ones from hobby lobby. the one thing i've been recommending to all my friends since this party is the paper table runner i found at a local party store (emerson sloan). it is the trendiest, cutest, easiest, most efficient thing i have ever used! i love that it finished the look without the hassle of taping a runner or dealing with fly aways and the clean up process was so easy with it. big win! i still have so much left over even after covering 3 tables with... thinking about using the rest as gift wrap. it reminds me a lot of the kate spade confetti dinnerware which i was obsessed with a while back. anything confetti and i'm sold. :)
anyway, thought i'd share these pictures with y'all and maybe spread some inspiration. 

30, i'm so optimistic for you. my heart is filled with wonder and joy as i pray for a good year. we're grateful to meet you and excited for this new journey. we've earned strength and wisdom getting here and it's humbled and shaped us into the strong couple we are today. as we close the door of 29 behind us tonight, we graciously welcome a new year more than we have before. this will be our year. here's to 30.