twenty-seven in Marfa, TX

Thursday, April 14, 2016

el cosmico is hands down the coolest, calmest, most serene, & peaceful place i've ever stayed at. this hotel concept is the neatest thing ever and i'm so glad we got to experience it before moving out of texas. marfa, tx is a place that's been on my bucket list for a couple of years now & i finally got an excuse to get M and i's butt into our car and haul 9 hours over there for the experience...well worth it! i knew i wanted to do a road trip for my birthday this year because we were way over due for one (considering we do one about every other month), and so i decided marfa was the perfect destination. if i could go back, which i definitely want to, i highly recommend not going monday or tuesday. we got stuck with going on these days and found that literally all the yummy food trucks and galleries were unfortunately closed. (this did not take away from our experience! in fact, it added to it in that it forced us to relax in the comfy airstream and do absolutely NOTHING. which was so, so nice) monday night we went to see the mysterious Marfa lights. pretty cool but we're both skeptical. we think they're just headlights from someone in Mexico messing with our heads. lol. the hammock grove and just being able to sit out on the deck under the stars, celebrate another blessed year, made the trip so worth the while. i'm so thankful for an awesome birthday and am so ready to make the most of twenty-seven <3