bali travel guide

Saturday, July 2, 2016

bali was such an incredible experience for us! everything from the culture, food, lifestyle, scenery, weather, was so up our alley. we just felt at home. it was bizarre how we were so far away from home and unfamiliar with any of our surroundings yet so comfortable and at ease. we were so lucky to have met some of the most hospitable and kind hearted people ever. 
this trip taught me so much about M and i. about our tolerances, our strengths, weaknesses, and mostly about how much we can support each other and balance out the crazy in us.
bali was perfect because it was a blend between peaceful and wild, which in two words defines us as a couple, lol. 


we flew into denpassar and spent the first four days on bali (which wasn't nearly enough time). we stayed in seminyak the first night, and then ubud days 2-4. i fell in love with ubud as it was clearly the more cultural, artsy, & serene village. if you want more of a party scene i would recommend staying in seminyak or kuta or even uluwatu. uluwatu was beautiful and had a bunch of those infinity pools your instagram needs! we were only able to spend a day at uluwatu during which we visited the famous uluwatu temple and ate lunch at single fin bar...they had the most breathtaking, panoramic views, fun vibe, and yummiest burgers. also, there's a nalu bowls attached to single fin if you have room for dessert or want the views & just a healthy snack :)

waterfall Tibumana Bangli

ubud has so many things to offer, you could never get bored. i dont even know where to begin to tell y'all, or what all to share so i'll share my favorite experiences. we ate breakfast at clear cafe one morning and it was literally the best breakfast we've ever had. all of the food was organic, delicious, and so cheap! the juice is so, so fresh. M doesn't even like jam and he couldn't stop eating the jam made here. the views from here are spectacular too. you can see out into the rainforest and see a gorgeous temple in the distance. the cafe itself has a cute, colorful, picturesque ambiance. we also found a hidden waterfall near ubud thanks to our awesome driver. most of the waterfalls in bali are pretty far from everything else so we were lucky to have found this one which was less than an hour away!

we wanted to island hop because the beaches are much better on the smaller islands and M really wanted to fit in some snorkel time... so we decided to go to gili trawangan for a night and nusa lembongan for two nights. i was very surprised with how small and different gili T is from bali. it's about 2 miles max in circumference and there isn't any transportation aside from bicycles or horse carriages...there isn't any room for cars, lol! the beaches are pretty here and snorkel-able without a guide. i found that the water was the most calm on this island...which is why they were able to put up sea swings around the island! 

view from the deck in nusa lembongan

we took a fast boat from sanur to gili T and it was a quick and easy boat ride....very different from the ride from gili T to nusa lembongan. that trip was rough! the water in the middle gets crazy, but the crew knows what they're doing, so not to worry. if you're like us and need to go from gili T to nusa lembongan without having to go back to bali first, scoot cruise is the only option you have. it cost us about $200 round trip for all of our fast boat trips...the whole triangle. also, just to keep in mind we regretted not staying one extra day in bali after getting back from nusa lembongan. we took a fast boat back the same day as our flight and failed to think about the fact that we would be climbing out of a boat, be wet, and sandy while on a flight lol. it was awful. 

while in ubud we got to feed monkeys, tigers, elephants, and even got to ride and do tricks with the big guys! the bali zoo was so interactive and fun. we also took a cooking class by paon bali which was great and very organized. we spent the majority of our stay at the kajane mua resort which i can't recommend enough. it was absolutely remarkable. you get treated like royalty. breakfast every morning was three courses and you have complimentary high tea daily from 4-7, i mean the list goes on. also, they're located right off of monkey forrest road, so most of ubud is walking distance. (get ready to walk A LOT on this trip) 

our sunrise volcano hike was such an inspirational experience. while trekking through pitch darkness in the middle of the night with a stranger, i couldn't stop thinking about how crazy this was but so cool at the same time. i was humbled by the villagers and once we made it to the top of mt. batur we had some breakfast offered by the villagers while waiting for the sun to come up. it was so peaceful and so perfect. it was a such a high. we were going off of 2 hours of sleep but didn't feel an ounce exhaustion (once we got to the top, lol) it was a literal high. 

in my opinion, nusa lembongan had the most beautiful beaches from the trip, and it was the best place to snorkel. the three hour snorkel tour was successful and dream beach was certainly dreamy in every way. i felt like i was walking on clouds. getting around nusa lembongan was fairly easy as well, we rented a scooter and just followed the road! haha. 
we were getting so sad on our last day on lembongan. we were not ready to say good bye! 
if you can, pack an extra suitcase because you are going to want to shop a lot. i ran out of packing space and wish i had an extra suitcase, heck an extra shipping container! they have the cutest clothes, textiles, decor, everything. 
i know i didn't cover nearly half of what we did but i wanted to give y'all the jist of it! hope this helped in any way :)