pumpkin centerpiece

Thursday, September 25, 2014

fall is finally here and i couldn't be more excited! this is our first Fall living in the south where we may actually get to experience the season and admire the color changes and crisp air! i can't wait to start making some yummy pies and setting them out on a festive table. 
when i'm setting a table, i like to have a focal point. a star of the show if you may, lol... a piece or platter that really stands out yet brings the rest of the table together. what better time to create a center  piece than the holidays? 
m has really been into antlers lately, and i'm always into flowers so i tried to tie these two things together to create a boho/ rustic look. i went with a white pumpkin because i prefer neutrals and loved the way the peach flowers contrasted with the white. 
i tried to get four different textured plants to give the pumpkin more volume and personality. antlers were hard to find but i finally came across some in the Christmas floral section at Michaels
the pumpkin we bought is sort of a plastic, styrofoam texture (also from Michaels) so it was fairly easy for m to cut out a hole on top. when cutting your hole, start small and gradually make it bigger only if you need to. we only cut around the stem and it was enough space to work with. after cutting out your hole, cut your flowers stems into the length you like and arrange into the hole as you desire. 
for the antlers i cut a hanger and stuck it inside of the antlers while hot gluing the hanger inside. this allowed me to use the hanger like a flower stem to arrange it inside of the hole the way i liked. i also hot glued extra leaves around and under the flowers for an extra lush look. 
i hope this inspires y'all to make some super cute centerpieces! 
happy decorating!