twenty seventeen

Monday, January 2, 2017

looking back at 2016 and just thinking about how much happened that year makes it no wonder it seemed like the longest year ever! not necessarily in a bad way, but for us it was a year of anticipation, waiting, eagerness, & in a constant state of limbo and uncertainty. i transitioned from two different jobs in two different states...we moved from a house to an apartment and then finally to our own house! i could not be more grateful for what this year brought us and where we are now. we are so blessed. i am just so relieved that we are finally in a place we can call home! this weekend i read/wrote pages filled with resolutions but all i really took away from it all is that this year i will smile more, worry less. :)
i pray this year brings us more beautiful, adventurous surprises <3
cheers to 2017!