cabbagetown, atlanta

Sunday, January 29, 2017






i love going on a trip where my mind is exploded with inspiration. this little town in atlanta (cabbagetown) was exactly that. i'm so glad we got to get away for a bit. coming from a city like Houston and san francisco, living in a small town in georgia has been quite the transition! i find myself craving the need for wonder and exploring the unknown. it's hard for me to stay in the same place for a long time lol and I just itch to get out of town! we couldn't go too far because of our schedules but this town was the perfect 24 hour vacay. it had the most unique little homes, restaurants, art walls-- even its own little garden in the middle of town. while driving around i admired how everyones front porch had an eclectic/ boho style to it that really showed their unique personality. 
 as soon as i walked into our airbnb, i was swooned. i couldn't help but take pics in an attempt to soak it all in! hopefully we can go back in the warmer weather sometime so we can walk the town without freezing out butts off!