home sweet home

Saturday, January 23, 2016

having a house feels so. damn. good. i never thought i would love it this much. 2,000 square feet of do whatever the heck you want. makes my heart tremendously happy.
we had a little house warming this past weekend and although our home isn't nearly completely set up yet we just thought we had to do one now. if i waited for the perfect time, it would've never happened! i had some cute ideas in mind that i was able to incorporate and i thought i'd share them with y'all! some of them didn't actually get used because we were all so busy chatting and munching away but it was still fun making them :)
when i'm decorating a table with food, i always like to make layers of different sizes at different heights. i think it's important to make one thing your focal point everything else to have different variations in height...it really makes your table pop. i bought these gorgeous white milk crates from tjmaxx and it added such a fun dept with a cottage like touch along with more room to layer things on top. (i couldn't get a final picture with the whole table set up--- i don't know how anyone ever does!)
the cake topper and sandwich toppers i made with cake pop sticks and construction paper...
which by the way, the sandwich toppers are little doors with a K wreath on it. haha not everyone quite understood what it was, lol!
 all my silk florals are from hobby lobby.  my table cover is actually an old vintage curtain (from my nursery as a baby!) i just cut it to fit my table, and added a little scallop trim to the front, because scallops obvi!
the "home sweet home" banner is also DIY'd and repurposed. last year my friends threw us a going away party and one of my besties made this super adorable banner that said "we will miss you" which had just enough letters as "home sweet home" so i used a gold paint pen from michaels and went over the letters and with a sharpie wrote the new letters in. easy peasy
 my door banner is made from a fabric i got from wal mart for $3, a silk peony, and a sharpie!  (sharpies are my BFF if you can't already tell)
i thought it would be really nice to get everyones home address so i put out a notebook to get everyones addresses. i also put out recipe cards from rifle paper co that i absolutely adored. i might also use these during the holidays when gifting food related things and wrap it up with a recipe on top. rifle paper has the cutest prints!
for the favors,  i tied some candles up and set them out as a thank you "for warming our home, enjoy warming yours" but totally forgot to hand them out a few times!! i'm the absolute worst.