ice cream for two

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

i usually do a valentines brunch or breakfast in bed but this year i ran into these cute ice cream bowls for two at target, so i decided to do ice cream and movie night in bed (breaking all the new house rules)
i cut out strawberries into hearts, cause obvi...set out some raspberries, pretzels, almonds, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and dandies! i had these grand plans of making waffles too for a waffle ice cream sandwich...but that never happened, lol
i made a tassel garland out of little tassels i got from the $1 section at target and lace i had leftover from my diy tablecloth (in a previous post!)
these little target west emory bowls are so adorable! they've got a gold detail and tiny little gold hearts. i could totally use them as nut or smoothie bowls as well and they go perfect with my gold spoons :)
what are y'alls valentines day plans?!