a whimsical baby shower

Monday, March 6, 2017



when i found out my dear friend was preggers with a girl, i just knew i had to throw her a whimsical shower to go with her whimsical personality! i am currently obsessing with teepee's, dream catchers, and all things floral and got the same vibe from the new mommy to be so i figured this would be the perfect theme! i tried to incorporate floral, wood accents, a cottage charm with a tiny boho touch to give it the perfect southern feel. my heart was fluttering as i tied in all the little details together. i had so much fun putting together all the little details for this theme!
every little human life is a miracle and deserves to be celebrated and i just feel so lucky to have been able to get all the girls together to celebrate this moment with the mommy to be! <3

i could not have made the tee pee without my sweet hubby's drilling and sawing skills! i just admired how he was so into the whole process, even though it was the girliest thing ever! i am thinking he was just into it for the drill, lol.
 when making the teepee we used this tutorial! i used wooden sticks from home depot instead of PVC pipes to give it more of a rustic look.
my favorite part was making the dream catchers!!! i was so in love with how dainty, simple, yet beautiful they turned out. i wish i had a better way to display them!! i bought a large table runner dollie, cut it into 12 pieces, fit the pieces into the small embroidery hoops and then added ribbon and flowers off too the side. incredibly easy and tooo cute.
i wanted a clean look for the cake so i went with a lemon naked cake along with a lemon lavender cream cheese icing. cake recipe here. then i topped it off with (silk) lavender flowers because obvi!!!

this baby girl has already brought so much joy and love to our souls! i can not wait to meet her sweet face! <3