a birthday reflection

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


i spent the majority of my birthday at work...not necessarily mad about it. i came home to a super sweet surprise from the hubs which made up for the cruel day of working on "your" day (lol, adulting stinks) birthdays are a funny feeling after a certain age. it's no longer the queen-for-a-day-locker-full of surprises-feeling from your girlfriends. (although I did get some nice surprises, thank you friends :)) but more of a, oh crap. another year older...i'm still working at the same darn place I was last year... i still haven't procreated yet so am i even socially acceptable? another year older! yay! lol. 
no, but i enjoy work- i'm always learning something new, am humbled by the stories i hear, i feel privileged and honestly just enjoy being in the environment. but today something, someone rather, stuck to me. a patient of mine who happens to be an author (we'll call him Mr. A) was just the most funny old man ever who certainly did not act 75 (ish)
this was his first surgery ever. he was so full of life and so comical (it might have been the drugs) but it totally made my day. in just the hour he spent with me, he knew all about my family and i knew all about his. he gave me a few words of advice that i just thought were the perfect little words to hear on the day i turned 28. I decided to document these words and use them in the year to come. 
1. Don't stop learning. Read. Educate yourself as much as you can. Read. And read some more. He was like a human encyclopedia. Any topic we started talking about he could go on and on about. I could write a podcast about this guy and all the topics we discussed. 
2. Encourage your siblings. Tell them how proud you are of them. Make each other stand tall. And to this I told him... oh they are brilliant. I am so proud of them, in fact they make me look bad. In response to this statement he said with a look of disappointment:
3. "Everyone has their own talent." So cliche I know, but just the way he said it, it really stuck. He said everyone has their own strengths and set of skills. You just have to have to courage to be able to use them. The courage to be able to show them to the world.
4. Take your time making babies. Lol. Ok, maybe i am acceptable, phew.
5. Tell your husband that it's all about you and your mom, not you and him ;)
6. Create a life you don't need vacation from. Yassss.
7. And lastly, document your life. You'll enjoy reading how far you've come one day.