fiesta + a DIY taco stand!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

my friend a & i had so much fun putting together this last minute cinco de mayo taco-cactus extravaganza! 
tacos are always a good idea in our household so a taco stand was desperately needed and had been on my mind as a project for quite some time. this party made me have to finally put it together. i remember reading a tutorial on designlovefest's blog so i followed that outline for the most part, but added my own little twist to it...a) because i was limited on time and wanted to use supplies i already had and b) because it only cost be $5 to make it this way!
here is the tutorial i followed.
 all i really had to buy was a 1 foot wooden plank and a 30 cm wooden rod. 
unlike the tutorial, i used wine corks i had laying around (was saving for a friend, sorry m <3)
and used wooden beads i bought for a necklace a while back. 
gorilla glue was my BFF for this project. i did have to drill one nail in to the center in order to keep the rod up.
also, this churro cupcake recipe is def worth mentioning because it was deeeeelicious. we also served this pineapple salsa which i couldn't stop snacking on. 
a also made these amazing watermelon drinks that we'll have to discuss another time ;)
i can't wait for our next soirée!