10 ways to make your Summer guests feel at home!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

any time we have family or friends stay over, i always get so excited to host and tie in little details together to make them feel at home. now that it's Summer, i'm sure a lot of you will have guests over throughout the season so i thought i'd share the little things i like to do with the guest room! if you have any more tips and tricks to making guests feel special, share them with me in the comments below! 😊
1. add fresh blooms! this one is a no brainer. flowers instantly brighten up a room and make your space happy! happy! happy! i personally think they add extra thought too. it goes to show that you went out of your way to pick or buy fresh flowers to make this special someone feel like they are in their own personal oasis. 💙 my go to's are roses, tulips, peonies, ranunculus (depending on the season)...but sometimes i have to stick with affordable/every day options which include hydrangeas, sunflowers, daisies, and lilies.
2. chalkboard welcome sign. i love typography so obviously have to have a little personalized chalkboard in the guestroom that welcomes my guest. 
3. speaking of signs, a sign with the wifi password is tremendously helpful because 21st century.
4. ooo this one's another favorite: diffuser oils!!! i sleep so good with my lavender diffuser oil. usually our family has traveled long distances to come see us, so i try to make this a relaxing, calm environment for them. what says relaxation more than this? naaaada.
5. put up photos. we usually have photos up of people coming to visit us, it's just an extra way to make your visitors feel at home.
6. a welcome bucket with snacks and water bottles. this little gesture makes me so giddy when i walk into an airbnb and theres a little note and box of goodies for us, so i imagine it would make anyone happy!
7. accent pillows for added fluff and decor.
8. towel and robe hooks in bedroom for easy peasy hanging/drying purposes and to keep your bed dry......ehhh, a huge pet peeve of mine!!!
9. local hand made soaps in bathroom. just because i love good smelling things and these are great conversation starters to tell your visitors about your local goods!
10. pillow mist. (diy aromatherapy pillow mist here) for good zzzz's. :)


aside from the guest room, i'm stoked to be spending time in our recently bistro nook we put together! i'm super into breakfast nooks lately. i'll have to blab about that in another post soon!
happy Summer friends! i hope y'all are having a terrific one!

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