my san fran favorites!

Friday, June 26, 2015

i can't believe it's been a couple of years now that we have been out of california (bay area). i think in my head i always thought we would always stay there and took it for granted! looking back now, there are soooo many places i would go back to in a heartbeat or just go back to one more time to take it all in. while reminiscing about these places, i thought i would make a list of some of my favorite "instagrammable spots" that will make you realize why everyone truly leaves their heart in san francisco. san francisco is very different than any other city in the states- any other major city that i've been to at least. it reminds me a lot of another Sydney or what i imagine Paris or Rome to be like. what i loved most about this city, aside from the beauty was the culture! it is so diverse and you can immerse yourself into different foods, goods, practices, depending on what area of SF you're in.

when booking a place in SF, i would recommend getting a hotel in Union Square or Lower Pacific Heights. this is close to beautiful parks, delicious restaurants, and upscale shopping! you can always stay somewhere outside of the city too (Berkeley, Napa, Fairfield, etc and catch a quick ferry into the city) here, here, and here are some v cool airbnb's/ experiences i would stay at if i were to go back!

touring the city...out of the three tours that i've done- Ride The Ducks, bicycle tour, GoCar tour, i think the GoCar has been by far our favorite and most informative. it's literally a story telling go-cart that has a built-in GPS that tells you where to go and talks about all the sights as you pass by them. sooo cool!

my favorite hikes were hiking through Muir Woods (where planet of the apes was filmed. gorgeous tall red woods and crisp air!), hiking up Mount Tamalpais (phenomenal views...i hear it's the highest point in the bay area!),  and hiking/driving up Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is probably the most visited and popular of the three. You get an amazing view of the city from up top, it's not a difficult climb, or drive. You can even just quickly swing by after dinner to get a spectacular San Fran by night view! Billy Goat Hill was a cute little tree swing spot that i unfortunately never made it to but always saw and admired on instagram! 

my go-to beaches were Stinson Beach which was never crowded, very low key, and kind of a hidden gem. you would have to drive around and through Muir Woods to get to it and it would always be such a beautiful drive down to it. Baker Beach is a fantastic little beach to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, or even if you really want to experience the liberal SF beaches, def check this beach out. haha.

baker beach
to view the Golden Gate Bridge Sausalito Park is a romantic little area where you get a spectacular view of the Golden Gate, can sit back to have a picnic, have your dog run around, or even hire a photographer for a little photo sesh! in my opinion, the best way to get the view is to actually walk or bike across the bridge! 

if you're up for a little drive, i highly recommend driving down Hwy1 to central california- Big Sur & Monterey area. the views here are probably the prettiest in all of America!

Lombard Street
full house

most instagrammable spots: definitely visit the Full House, house. even if you never watched the show growing up, it is just such a cute little area to soak in the SF style homes and hang out at the park across the street. 
drive or walk down the curviest road in the world- Lombard Street. if you go early you might be able to avoid the crowd and sneak in some great pics. it's even prettier in the Spring when all the gorgeous flowers have bloomed! 
have coffee at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters for that basic pineapple-wallpaper-coffee-mug pic 😂
oh, you have to have clam chowder with sourdough bread while walking down Fishermans Wharf! it's just delicious and the obvious SF thing to do! Fisherman's Wharf is a cool little boardwalk where all the tourists go. this is where the sealions hang out, the aquarium is, you'll find lots of street performers, and really get the SF touristy feel.

McWay Falls, Big Sur
mt. tamalpais