Monday, July 17, 2017

 i am a sucker for a good theme! i have recently been obsessing with indigos, golds, whites...the whole "moon" theme. i've always loved the idea of an outdoor, on the floor picnic party so when my friend alysa and i started throwing out july 4th party options, we thought this might be the perfect idea!
unfortunately we were out of town for the actual fourth,  so we threw this party the weekend after, which actually ended up falling on a night of a full moon! it was so romantic and beautiful at night and worked out perfectly :)
we created the seating situation by putting together three wooden pallets (harder to find than we thought, i had to build one out of scrap wood 😂) and laid out a bunch of different rugs and pillows for us to sit comfortably on. michaels had an assortment of different colored flowers that i was able to put together to make the center pop. i tried to stick with blues and soft peaches in order for it to flow well with my other indigos and not be too loud in the center.
one of the things i am continuously trying to improve on as a host is accommodating to everyones dietary practices, likes, and needs. i thought a mocktail bar would be a good idea for those not drinking. LaCroix is such a perfect, tasty, guilt-free drinking option as is but when mixed with blueberries and mint, it ended up being a yummy treat for our pregnant and non drinking guests! i had so much fun putting together this mocktail and staying hydrated with this yummy drink as i party prepped. click here for all of LaCroix's fun mocktail recipes! they
 looked so pretty styled in my gold rimmed cocktail cups from target with florals and blueberries, it matched perfect with the theme. 
i would love to have a get together like this again, especially in the Fall when the weather is cozy... maybe some blankets and a fire pit out...a movie under the stars?! what do y'all do for parties outdoors? share your party ideas with me!

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