Friday, July 21, 2017

some things are just irreplaceable. one of them being the moments with your girlfriends. the moments when you're babbling for hours & hours, driving through the dirt road hoping to go the right way, staying up late to attempt to start bonfires, and talking about the most random irrelevant but- matters- to- us- juice ever. just pure bliss- without a worry in the world. i am so thankful for these girls to share these beautiful moments with.
we drove to three cities in three days starting and ending in las vegas. it was very cool experiencing las vegas from a local standpoint because we went off the strip to hidden gem restaurants that no one had heard of and had a really good time without dealing with the craziness that comes with vegas. our first stop was red rock canyon. i never knew this little canyon exhisted in las vegas! it was so enlightening reading about the formation of the rocks and appreciating the different color variations of the canyon. this whole trip was filled with oooh's and ahhh's and just absolute fascination with how this planet has formed such breathtaking wonders.
we started in vegas on sunday and headed east towards utah. we stayed at the casablanca the first night. we didn't gamble or anything but we got lucky by scoring the whole spa, sauna, and pool to ourselves for the price of nothing! everyone was just so nice and generous at this place. the next morning, we were Arizona bound but wanted to see Utah without having to drive all the way to Zion so we swung by St. George. we ate some yummy crepes at a cute little creepy (le crepery) and then stopped by a boutique that was right up my alley (omg i wanted to buy everything there!!!) i actually found this boutique online a while back and was obsessing over their style and was so close to ordering stuff but when i found out we were going to the city it was located in, i was ecstatic and just had to swing by! we ended up spending way too much time there but enjoyed every bit of it. the workers were such sweet and inspirational souls. click here for scotandcloth boutique.
after realizing how behind schedule we were from shopping, we ran into the car and started hauling to Page, AZ. i was so excited about this night because we were going to stay in a tent in the middle of nowhere and really experience the zen of the desert! 
after some minor car breakdown hiccups, we finally made it to our tent (airbnb link here) and we could not stop snapping photos. from the moment we stepped out of the car and were greeted by the land owner, we were just in awe of the navajo culture. it was an undefinable peace & tranquility, we just felt so calm and so safe. so taken by the beauty and had so much respect for the families that grew up on that land. time just stood still for a moment as we soaked in the serenity. we made it right in time for the sunset, lit our lanterns, and just took in the desert air. we stayed up until midnight to surprise our friend with cupcakes, flowers, and a bonfire under the stars for her birthday and it ended up being the most beautiful memory- even if the fire only lasted 10.5 seconds. 😂
while in Page, AZ we drove up to horseshoe bend and walked down to experience the hype & boy was i taken away. i was blown away, almost literally. it was kind of scary! i just felt so tiny are so high and the drop down is so steep...the water is so blue and the cliffs so red. just miraculous beauty.
the next day we had a tour planned at upper antelope canyon, which also was neat, a little underwhelming and felt a little rushed. the tours run every 30 minutes so the guides really don't let you take your sweet time on photography. we also did a sunrise tour at 0630 which didn't really give us great photos because it was so dark. it was very impressive though how the canyon was formed...apparently it use to be a secret party hide out before it became a tourist attraction! the bumpy sand dune ride made up for the short tour 😂
after filling our bellies and getting our caffeine fix, we headed back to my friends cute aztec home in vegas, went to dinner, and called it a night!
i am so grateful for these beautiful moments we spent together, all the new experiences we gained, can't wait for our next adventure.