pregnancy relaxation foot bath!

Friday, January 19, 2018

there’s no denying that submerging your body in water brings instant stress relief. something about being in water or even around water just causes our bodies to relax & slows everything down for a moment. i’ve always been fascinated with how that works. warm water specifically dilates our blood vessels and increases blood flow which can help muscle tension & soreness. for this reason, i used warm water for this foot bath along with lavender and peppermint oils for relaxation, dried lavender for added aroma, lemon for vitamin C and antioxidants, & just some fresh blooms from the backyard cause flowers, obvi. i soaked my feet for about 20 min and let the ingredients do their thing! my feet felt so minty, smooth, & fresh afterwards! this is so great for tired, pregnant feet or really anyone who needs some pampering and the best part is, it's so easy & affordable to make at home! i hope you get to try this out for yourself and enjoy!! 
what kind of home self care remedies do y'all use?