transitioning the home to Spring!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


my favorite part about changing seasons is decorating the home according to the month! i always look forward to transitioning to the next Holiday or theme and taking in all the beauty that comes with each season. something about Spring feels extra special though. the fresh air gets my blood rushing and i get so excited for fresh blooms, Summer plans, and just being able to be outside and take in the sun! i know January is super early to incorporate Spring, so i thought i'd do some Valentines for now and add more Spring closer to March. 
i have a little antique wall hanging shelf that i use a lot according to season. with every season or holiday i change out the little decor that's inside it. i'll fill the pitchers or bottles with flowers, eucalyptus, pine cones, or add pumpkins depending on the month. it's such a fun and easy way to incorporate the Holidays into the house! i also love the idea of changing wreaths according to season and displaying them on cottage/chic windows. it adds so much personality and is a way to transition without re-doing or purchasing something extra each month!
what are some ways y'all decorate around the house?!