babymoon 2.0

Friday, March 2, 2018

there’s times when i’ve been in the same city too long & i just start to itch for a getaway. whether it’s a short 2 hour drive away or 20 hour flight away my body just tells me that i need to get out and experience a new scene and sense of culture. we had been talking about going to North or South Carolina to check out some cities we’ve heard good things about but the cold weather just kinda turned us off from the idea. our Spain trip was already a cold one so i really wanted to go somewhere warm if possible. after weighing out pros and cons and just realizing we should just stay put, i gave up on the idea of leaving until baby came. 
a couple of weeks later a friend of mine sent me a link to an adorable antique shop in Florida that happened to have my DREAM baby changing table. literally the table i had always pictured. white, vintage, shabby chic, just perfection. this was clearly a sign from the universe right?!?! a perfect little getaway while being able to snag a gorgeous changing table! 
so i swung the idea of driving 7 hours away by M and after a series of different reactions including hilarity, anger, shock, he finally agreed! everytime i look at that table now i just appreciate this guy so much. he puts up with so much of my craziness. we' re so grateful for a dad like him <3 
this trip ended up being more of a "babymoon" relaxation getaway than the actual babymoon i planned out (Spain, here) which was a constant go, go, go. i was honestly so exhausted. here, at Melbourne, FL we literally sat in the sand for hours under the sun, enjoyed the beach, ate some DELICIOUS food, played some games while watching Up on a projector screen at this cute little ice cream shop-  surfing turtle ice cream shoppe & it just ended up being the perfect 48 hours of pure bliss. 
Melbourne, FL and Satellite Beach were such cute little towns! i wish we had some more time to spend there but i loved driving around looking at the gorgeous houses and views. 
we stayed at an adorable airbnb pool house at which we had access to their pool, grill, outdoor area which was so nice to sit out at under the stars. 
(listing here)
i can't wait to show y'all the changing table in my nursery reveal post coming soon!!

Melbourne recommendations:
breakfast: sun on the beach
antique shop: rehab vintage market