a soft vintage jungle nursery

Thursday, April 12, 2018

this past week has been an unreal, out of body experience. i find myself just staring at pooks wondering if this is really real. how did i get so lucky? am i in a dream? did i die and go to heaven?the 24 hours of hell of a labor were worth every second of misery, every ounce of blood and tears shed. getting to hold him completes my whole world and whole heart. 
setting up this nursery was the most fun and exciting part of my pregnancy! picking a theme, shopping for little accents and vintage knick knacks really made the whole experience such a memorable one. we have little pieces from different antique stores from difference states that all have a memory behind them that i can’t wait to tell moose about when he’s older. 
i struggled with picking a theme in the beginning because my mind kept drifting towards something girly, but when i saw this wallpaper on Anthropologie, (here) i just knew a jungle theme would be the best of both worlds! fun for mom and cute for a boy ;)
i tried to keep everything else neutral & white because there was already so much color in the wall mural and i didn't want the room to be too loud or dark but rather soft and bright. 
we found this crib & changing table at an vintage/antique store. the side table was the one piece that i thought i'd have as a pop of color. i found it at Wayfair. there's also one on Amazon for cheaper and free shipping here!
the bookshelf is here...i love the little whimsical detail on top and how affordable it is!
 the adorable fox print is from an artist i met at a craft fair in Atlanta. she is so talented! you can find her shop here.  
this room is becoming my favorite in our entire home. i just love spending time with pooks in here, watching him take in all the colors & collect sweet (and not so sweet 3 am diaper changing) moments in here with him. i can't wait to see what the future months will bring!