it's a boy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

i have so many emotions right now i don't even know how to find the words!!!
it's so funny how these gender reveals hype up one tiny moment that really determines the rest of our families lives! so much anticipation and excitement led to this moment. i normally don't do well with anticipation and it brings along anxiety but in this situation i would've been absolutely thrilled with either outcome so we were so stoked.
deep down i always knew i'd be a boy mom. before i was even married, i could always see myself mothering just boys. as much as i'd always dreamed of dressing up a girl and going on shopping dates, my heart can't handle the love and emotion i am feeling for baby M to have a best friend and for M to have to little guys to do all the guy things with....aaaand of course for Aspen to have two boys to tire his little puppy heart out! 
 i grew up with two brothers and it has been incredible. the boy energy, adventure, humor, just always gave me life and i can't wait for these two boys to share that excitement with each other. 
i pray that you two bring each other joy and laughter, live with a kind heart, grow to be the bestest of friends and guide each other on the right path. i couldn't be more excited to be your mama.
along with excitement, i can't help but feel a little bit of guilt for not being able to spend more alone time with baby M. i don't even think we'll be able to give him a first birthday party seeing that that's right around my due date and that makes me sooooo sad. 
a lot of these feelings are the reason i really learn to give him my all on a daily basis. no matter how exhausted i am, i pick him up one more time, go for one more walk outside, read another book, have another dance party, whatever it takes to bring a smile to his face. i know this alone time won't last very long so i try to make the most of it. 
i hope you know how much we love you and how excited we are to give you a best friend!!!
what are some of your ways to cope with a sibling on the way?