punkins first pumpkin patch

Friday, October 26, 2018

the sparkle and joy in those little 6 month old eyes during this pumpkin patch exploration was just precious. when he saw the pumpkins, rode the tractor hay ride, saw the farm animals it was just priceless and brought tears to my eyes. i love this little guy's curiosity so much. i just wish i could get into that head and see what he sees!!!
it's so crazy to think that just a year ago i was in this same sunflower field pregnant with him and here we are now, me with him in my arms, feeling the flutters of a little brother on the way!
these past 6 months have brought us so much joy.
granted, they have not been easy. they've brought tears, bruises, sleepless nights, morning pains, but we have gained so much love and have never felt so complete before in our lives. at the end of the day, one little smile makes it all worth the while. when he's all tucked away in bed we can't stop watching his videos from throughout the day and just laugh and take it all in. it's been a hilarious, adventurous roller coaster ride. we are so grateful for every moment and feel so much excitement and  incredible gratitude to be able to do it again and give him a sibling!
M and i always talk about what life was like before a child and we honestly can't even picture it. we were married for 5 years before baby M so it's crazy to think we can't even think of how our lives were for those whole 5 years. i was a registered nurse and we traveled a lot, so life was certainly not boring but now it feels like it would have been. how did i never get things done before a child? now whenever i get an hour to myself during nap time, i feel like i do everything that i would've normally done over a whole weekend, hah! i love this crazy busy little life and wouldn't have it any way.