hi there! thanks for dropping by! i'm Hebah. welcome to my little corner of the internet! i write this blog to share some lifestyle, travel, and party decor inspiration with all you gals! my husband, M, our Husky pup Aspen, our soon to be baby boy, and i live in the middle of GA and AL (literally) while M completes his residency program! we're originally Texans at heart and hope to be back home soon. we've been all around the states and there truly is no place like home but it's been so fun taking in different cultures and beauties from different places!  i'm a registered nurse by profession but currently getting into this stay at home mom thing and i could not be more excited! my style is best described as a mix between boho and cottage chic. i try to incorporate this style into everything i create and wander around different cities searching for this element. i hope you like what you see and stick around for more. :) i can't wait to hear from you!